Video Courses

Video Courses

1. Heal ADD and Depression Without Drugs

I spent 35 years depressed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) due to childhood trauma and neglect. But I learned the actions steps required to heal myself, and I did it without drugs. Now I live a happy, fulfilling, highly spiritual life without religion. I’ve become the person I always wanted to be. This course is for people who want to do it themselves.

The course will be released within the next few weeks. Please enter your Name and Email on my Contact Us form here to be included in the Beta version at a substantial discount, in return for your feedback and suggestions.

2. Retire on Social Security

This video course is sub-titled “How to enjoy the simple life whether you have retirement savings or not”.

Watch a short introduction (5:48) to the course.

Every course purchase includes:

This course is filled with specific research from reliable sources like the Harvard Medical School, as well as specific actions steps on every topic. Even general topics like how to increase your confidence and find your personal power have specific actions steps. You’ll know what to do and how to do it.

Excerpts from Course Videos

1-Financial Aspects

The excerpt below is about 4 minutes. This 67 minute video explains four practical ways to retire securely on just your Social Security. It also shows sow to get rid of most or all of your debt, how to get your finances under control, and discusses many realistic ways to increase your income and decrease your expenses. It also talks about the joys of living the simple life, and how to do it well.


2-Retire WELL on Social Security

The excerpt below is about 5 minutes. This 61 minute video talks about major life issues, such as how to be independent, how to find your life purpose, how to regulate your emotions, how to avoid the psychological problems most people run into when they retire, how to take control of your life so nobody else can take control of it, and how to make sure improvements you make to your life are permanent.


3-The Eye of the Tiger

THe excerpt below is about 4 minutes. This 34 minute video talks about how I found my personal power for the first time in my life. It was the beginning to me becoming the person I always wanted to be. In this video I’ll show you how to be strong and firm without being loud and aggressive, how to stop being a victim, and how to drop your fear. You’ll also learn how to stop the old habits that give your power away without you realizing it.


4-Prejudice and Defending Your Freedom

The excerpt below is about 3 minutes. This 18 minute video talks about effective steps you can take to stop anyone trying to put you into a care home before your time. It also talks about where you’re likely to find prejudice against older people, called Ageism, and how to deal with it.


5-Family and Friends

The excerpt below is just under 6 minutes. This 39 minute video talks about major topics like how to heal family feuds, and how to get back together with estranged family members. It also talks about many ways to make and keep good friends after you retire, As well, it explains The Art of Conversation.


6-Your Own Team of Friends and Allies
The excerpt below is 5 minutes. This 20 minute video talks about the powerful benefits you can get nowhere else than from your own team of friends and allies, and they’re all absolutely free, including comradery with good people who’ll support you whenever you need it. This video also includes a downloadable PDF of complete Guidelines to set up your own team and keep it running smoothly.


7-Protecting Yourself Against Fraud
The excerpt below is 2 minutes. This 17 minute video explains in detail the simple but effective steps you can take to help protect yourself from fraud and internet scams. I share what I learned working on the internet every day for 20 years.


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“How to enjoy the simple life whether you have retirement savings or not”

Every course purchase includes:

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  • Lifetime Access — Enjoy these entertaining and educational videos as many times as you want.
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