Recovery from Anxiety, PTSD and Depression — First Responders, Nurses, Childhood Trauma & Neglect

Childhood trauma and neglect led to an emotional crisis at age 27, and 35 years of anxiety, complex PTSD and depression after that. Although everybody’s pain is different, I know something about it.

When we’re anxious our heart may beat quickly, our hands sweat, our mouth feel dry. Our stomach may churn, we may feel breathless, dizzy, and we may have to run to the bathroom. We might suffer from indecision, loss of confidence, self-loathing, feelings of unreality, obsession, depression, even personality disintegration. Some people develop a death wish.

No matter how long you’ve been suffering, you can recover and enjoy life again.

More than anything else, we want to be the person we were before anxiety, PTSD and depression. So please know that whatever your symptoms, you can get back to living without bewilderment and fear of what may happen next. Your brain is part of your body, and your body is waiting to recover. Book a free “End Anxiety Now” coaching session and we’ll talk about how that happens.

This is not a miracle cure. There are no miracle cures for anxiety, panic, PTSD and depression.
But any motivated person can heal with the right information and guidance.

Because I did it alone, it took me many years of struggle to heal my anxiety, complex PTSD and depression. Depending on your situation, you may be able to do it in 6 months. Some people suffering from anxiety or a single traumatic event recover even more quickly.

Sometimes all it takes is having the cause of your condition explained, so you can realize the truth — your body and mind are actually behaving very naturally. We just need to change our thinking so they can heal. Although healing from complex PTSD can take more time, you can recover. So don’t ever give up. You can become the person you always wanted to be.

One day in my life now is worth all the years of my suffering.

And I always remember that without the years of my suffering I wouldn’t have the experience, the empathy and insight to help people recover from their anxiety, PTSD, and depression.

Free “End Anxiety Now” Coaching Session

Book a free “End Anxiety Now” coaching session with me. During our session:

  1.   We’ll work together to create a crystal clear vision of the kind of life you’d like to have.
  2.   We’ll look specifically at what’s holding you back, and how you can get past those challenges.
  3.   You’ll leave the session renewed, re-energized and inspired to live the life of your dreams.

Coaching One to One or in Small Groups

During the 35 years following my emotional crisis I read every self-help book I could find, and tried everything I could think of to get my life back, until in 1998 I joined a meditation group.

Over the next 24 years, serious daily meditation helped me gradually turn my life around. I slowly healed, built a successful business, wrote an Amazon #1 Best Selling book, and discovered joys I never knew existed. But I don’t teach meditation — I teach what I learned from meditation, about how to get out of anxiety, complex PTSD, and depression and live a great life, so you can heal much faster than I did.

My healing would have been so much quicker if I’d had an experienced guide.

You will be empowered to get your old self back, the way you were before you had anxiety, panic, PTSD and depression, and create the life of your dreams.

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I look forward to speaking with you,
Ken Lapp
Things are going to get easier