Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness just means thinking only about what you’re doing. When you do that you can’t help doing better at it. And there are many other benefits.

The best way to learn Mindfulness is through Meditation. I recommend meditation to anyone who’ll listen because it’s about learning to control your thoughts, and our thoughts create our feelings and emotions. It was good for me because I didn’t have to dive deeply into every unhappy thought about my past in order to heal. I learned to be here now, in the present moment, as they say.

Meditation is about learning to control your thoughts. - Ken Lapp, from Ken Lapp Global Life Skills Inc.

Whenever I had a depressing thought I would bring my attention back to the present moment, just what was happening right in front of me. And when I did that there was never anything to be depressed about.

One of the major lessons I learned was how to live without fear. For the first 50 years of my life I was afraid of everything and everybody. The leader of a group therapy I went to in Vancouver called me “Mr. Fear”.

And I’ve learned to handle my power without being forceful or dominating, without being loud and aggressive. So I can be hard and strong, and yet I’m gentle and very good with people.

Human being’s normal state is to be happy and healthy and loving. Learning to control my thoughts not only brought me good mental health, I became more capable at everything I do.

I became more of the person I always wanted to be.

I have confidence, strength of character, and self-esteem, and I provide a valuable service to others that I love doing. Before learning meditation I had so much anger bottled up inside I felt if I let it out I would level three city blocks. Now I live almost completely without anger. It’s a much more relaxing, enjoyable, and successful way to live.

A Highly Spiritual Life Without Being a Monk

With a few minutes a day you can enjoy the benefits of a highly spiritual life, and still be successful in today’s society. I’ve heard people say “I can’t meditate. I could never have a clear mind”. I tell them “it doesn’t matter! Just do what you can. If you have distracting thoughts, just bring yourself back to what you’re focusing on. Don’t beat yourself up. Just carry on, and you will receive benefits.”

If you approach it with the right attitude meditation can be very enjoyable. You can have peace in the middle of chaos. Book a Free Coaching session here.

Kind regards,
Ken Lapp
Things are going to get easier