20% Discount on the Best Website Hosting on the Internet

For more than 20 years I ran a website construction and marketing business, so I’ve used many hosting companies — a dozen or more. I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that Pair website hosting is the by far the best hosting company I’ve ever used. Their phone support is incredible. I’ve called them so many times and NEVER been disappointed.

I know that if you use Pair.com website hosting to host your website, no matter what type of website it is, you’ll always be glad you did.

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Ken Lapp
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Helcim Incredible Payment Gateway

I was so pleased to find Helcim Payment Gateway. When any of my clients pay by credit card or debit card I put their payment through Helcim.

  1. Their rates are very low.
  2. They deposit my funds into my bank account very quickly, usually within two business days.
  3. They take their fees off my revenue before they deposit it into my bank account, so I don’t have their fees as a separate invoice.
  4. Their support is great, both by phone and email.
  5. They have no long term contracts.
  6. There is no cancellation penalty, like I paid when I quit another Payment Gateway.
  7. They work with both American and Canadian merchants.
  8. They take all major credit cards.
  9. They accept payments from customers around the world.

Their slogan is appropriate for the experience I’ve had with their service —
“Experience an easy and affordable payment solution, delivered with a human touch.”

I highly recommend Helcim as a wonderful company to deal with. I’ve never been sorry I signed up with them. I’m sure you’ll be very happy.

For more information visit their website here — https://helcim.com/

Sincerely Yours,
Ken Lapp
Things are going to get easier

Andrew Barber-Starkey — ProCoach Success System and Reality Transurfing

Andrew Barber-StarkeyAndrew Barber-Starkey is a successful business coach and a powerful healer. I was a member of his ProCoach Success System for a number of years and gained a great deal from his coaching and the structure he provides for independent entrepreneurs.

I was also privileged to enroll as a client in his Reality Transurfing healing system. I made great strides in my psychological healing without having to relive the trauma of my childhood. His skills and insight during our sessions was bang-on, just what I needed.

I highly recommend Andrew both as a business coach and a healer for any of the psychological issues we all carry from our past that get in our way today. His website is https://procoachsystem.com/.