“End Isolation” phoning and card mailing service Agreement

“End Isolation” Phoning and Card Mailing Service Agreement

Phoning Service Agreement
Congratulations! You are about to increase the quality of life for yourself and a person close to you.

These are the terms and conditions that make our Phoning Service a wonderful part of your relationship with the person we're calling on your behalf:

  1. We Call 6 Days a Week - One of our caring phoning staff will call the person you designate below, 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday:
    1. To make sure they're OK.
    2. To let them know you care for them.
    3. To be interested in what's happening in their daily life.
    4. To provide general guidance on living a healthy life, if they ask.
    5. To remind them to take their meds, if they have any.
    6. And to be their friend.
  2. We Send Cards In The Mail - We will send them up to 6 cards each year in the postal mail on special occasions, such as their birthday, Christmas or other festive season they celebrate, and any other occasions you want us to. We'll sign your name and include a short personal note from you if you wish.
  3. Free Video Course - You will be provide with a Coupon Code for 100% Discount on our video course "Retire on Social Security". All our phoning staff are familiar with the lifestyle suggestions in the course, so if you wish they can provide general advice to the person we're phoning for you, on simple things like diet and exercise. See excerpts from the course.
  4. Responsibility For Their Health - Although we are here to help, we cannot take responsibility for the health or life choices of the person we're calling on your behalf, and whether they take their meds or not. That responsibility is between you and them.
  5. We Call In Your Name - The first time we call we'll say something like "I'm Susan from Ken Lapp Global Life Skills. Your daughter Mary asked me to call and say Hello and see how you're doing because she cares for you. I'll be calling you 6 days a week, starting today, just to chat and make sure everything is going well. Is that OK with you?"
  6. Length of Phone Calls - We are always polite and gentle, but we need you to be aware that most of our calls will be 30 minutes or a little less, at the discretion of our phoning staff.
  7. Three Attempts Each Day - We will attempt to reach the person you want us to call 3 times between the hours of 9 am to 5 pm, their time. If they don't answer all 3 times we will consider the call complete for that day.
  8. We Report To You Every Month - At the end of every month we email you a report showing the dates of our calls, and if anything noteworthy was discussed during the call.
  9. We Send You An Invoice Marked PAID Every Month - Attached to the email with our report, will be an invoice for the following month, marked PAID.
  10. Confidential - Within limits provided for by law, any information discussed in normal conversation between our phoning staff and your loved one shall be kept strictly confidential. Information will not be shared or revealed to any person, agency, or organization without your prior written consent.
  11. Cancellation - This Agreement can be cancelled at any time by either party, with 30 days written notice by email. Our email address is ken@kenlappgloballifeskills.com.
  12. Renewed Automatically - At the end of the term of this Agreement it will be renewed automatically on a monthly basis, until 30 days notice is given by email from the client to ken@kenlappgloballifeskills.com
  13. Currency - All funds in USD.
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