Public Speaking

Public Speaking

No matter who you are you will have problems. It’s very natural to feel bad about them, but it’s important to move on. We can learn to look at them objectively, be resilient so we recover quickly and keep our lives on a happy, healthy track. There are many wonderful things in life we can only enjoy if we’re strong and happy.

Because I was depressed for so long I had to learn a great deal about being resilient to avoid slipping back into depression once I was out. People in your group will learn practical steps anybody can take to avoid depression no matter what’s happening in their lives, and what’s going on around them.

How to Avoid Getting Depressed in Difficult Times

I talk to groups of any size at no charge and without obligation. Your people will learn in a few minutes, not what should work, but what does work in the real world — information gained through many hard years of practical experience on how to get out of depression. Learning from your own life experience takes too long. There’s no need to go through all that pain and suffering.

Recent Speaking Engagements

In the last few years I noticed many seniors were worried that they didn’t have enough money to retire, and becoming depressed about it. So I put together a video course on how to enjoy the simple life whether you have retirement savings or not. It’s called “Retire on Social Security”. You can see a short intro here (5:48). The interviews below were to support that course.



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