Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Multiple childhood traumas and neglect left me with Complex PTSD that affected me for much of my adult life. But I healed my trauma and depression without drugs, and your people can too.

The First 4 Steps to Recover From Depression

I talk to groups of any size, virtually or in person. In a few minutes, your people will learn basic action steps that work in the real world — information gained through many hard years of practical experience.

Learning from your own life experience can take many years. There’s no need to go through so much pain and suffering for such a long time. An experienced guide will shorten your learning curve tremendously.

Recent Speaking Engagements

In this video interview I talk about the first 4 steps to get out of depression, and so many important issues about depression.


In the last few years I noticed many seniors were worried they didn’t have enough money to retire, and becoming depressed about it. So I put together a video course on how to enjoy the simple life whether you have retirement savings or not. It’s called “Retire on Social Security“. The interviews below were to support that course.



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